North Dakota and Rockies


North Dakota and Rockies

North Dakota is a significant producer of crude oil in the U.S., with the Bakken Formation being the primary source of production. This region has seen a boom in oil production thanks to advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling techniques. The Rocky Mountains are home to an abundance of different types of oils including tight shale oil, oil sands, and oil shale that require unconventional production methods and new technologies for extraction.

Products Brokered

  • Niobrara (NIO)
  • Bakken (BLS)
  • Powder River Sweet (PRS)
  • Rocky Mountain Sweet (RMS)
  • Guernsey Light Sweet (GLS)
  • US High Sweet (UHC refers to this grade @ Clearbrook, MN)


  • Dakota Access
  • Pony Express
  • Saddlehorn Crude
  • Whitecliffs


  • DJ Basin (Niobrara)
  • Powder River Basin
  • Williston Basin – Bakken Shale