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Link Crude Resources, LLC (LCR) was founded in 2002 to provide voice broking services for participants in physical crude oil trading markets. LCR’s primary role is to act as an intermediary to facilitate the buying and selling of physical crude oil and petroleum products between buyers and sellers and provide support to over 300 customers and market participants in the U.S. Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain, and North Dakota-Bakken regions of the United States.

These physical petroleum markets refer to the actual trading of physical crude oil and petroleum products, as opposed to financial derivatives or other forms of paper trading. In these markets, the physical delivery of the commodity is required, and contracts are typically settled through the transfer of ownership of the physical commodity itself.

Voice broking services involve the use of trained brokers who communicate directly with buyers and sellers over a variety of communication tools (phone, chat, ring downs), negotiating prices and executing trades on their behalf. LCR chooses individuals that exhibit characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and are driven, ambitious, and highly motivated to succeed. These brokers are required to have extensive knowledge of the petroleum markets, as well as relationships with key market participants such as oil producers, refiners, and traders.

One of LCR’s most remarkable accomplishments has been its ability to foster and cultivate the entrepreneurial drive of former Special Forces operators from diverse branches of the U.S. military at Link. Most of these veterans have proven their commitment to LCR by purchasing membership interest in the company and are instrumental in building LCR’s culture and commitment to service.

LCR membership is comprised of its founder, David Hermes, several key employees and Leeward Partners Capital, LLC. The latter is a strategic partner and wholly owned subsidiary of McQuilling Partners Inc. (MCQ), a privately-owned marine services company formed in 1972.

Other Link affiliates include Link Futures, LLC (LF) which provides voice broking services for financial petroleum products, Link Data Services, LLC (LDS) which provides market analysis, independent price assessments, and consulting services for energy and commodity markets and Link Partners Capital, LLC (LPC) which invests in real estate opportunities in the Houston area.

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Navigating the forward derivatives market can be tricky, and the Link Futures team of Series 3 and Series 30 certified brokers are the industry’s first choice for negotiating and executing cleared contracts. With over 70 years combined experience, our reputation for transparency and consistency is unparalleled.

As the Global Crude Industry becomes more interconnected, industry participants need new and accurate real-time data. Link Data Services provides industry participants daily forward curve valuations, market commentary, and pricing reports across a wide spectrum of the domestic and international oil industry.

The industry-leading group of brokers and consultants at McQulling Partners brings a history of excellence and a global presence that is unmatched in the international ship brokerage industry.